Urban Edutainment

“Educating through Entertainment”  


  1. Why MUSIC???- Research Rationale

  2. BulletMusic is a powerful carrier of signals that activate emotion and long-term memory. (Webb & Webb, 1990)

  3. BulletMusic activates and synchronizes neural networks which increase the brain's ability to reason spatially, think creatively, and perform in generalized mathematics. (Jensen, 2001)

  4. BulletNational SAT scores from 1990 through 1995 give credence to the theory that music and the arts together have a positive effect on mathematics and verbal skills. (College Board, 2000)

  5. BulletMusic appears very valuable as an aid to memory. (Sprenger, 1999)

  6. BulletPlaying music, singing, rapping, whistling, clapping, and analyzing sounds are all examples of classroom activites that address the musical multiple intelligence. (Silver, Strong, & Perini, 2000)

  7. BulletMusic has the ability to facilitate language acquisition, reading readiness, and general intellectual development... to enhance creativity; and to promote social development, personality adjustment, and self-worth. (Weinberger, N., 1998)

  8. BulletMusic offers great opportunities for communication and expression, for creativity and group cooperation- plus it's good for the brain and can enhance learning and intellectual development. (Weinberger, N., 1998)