Do your kids need help memorizing their times tables? Do they like hip-hop music? Then this CD/DVD is just for you. "Kids Multiplication Motivation" is a new CD/DVD with multiplication & skip counting songs that your kids will LOVE! It is appropriate for ages 2-11.

-  Includes tables 2-12 and 2 motivational songs
-  DVD includes behind the scenes footage & strategies on new ways to multiply & divide

- Excellent with TouchPoint Math & Move it! Math


"Kids Multiplication Motivation" CD- by Ms. Jones & The U.E. Family


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“The hardest thing I’ve had to teach is multiplication. I couldn’t do without this CD!”

Matthew Wright- 5th Grade Teacher

54th Street School- Los Angeles, CA


“My students love to dance & sing along with the songs!”

Tania Harry- 5th grade Teacher

Baldwin Hills Elementary School- Los Angeles, CA

"Kids Multiplication Motivation" DVD- by Ms. Jones & The U.E. Family


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"When visiting one of the classrooms, I saw a teacher using the video. I was very much impressed!"

- Lorenzo Conway- Math Coach, Los Angeles Unified School District

"My first grader has learned all of her multiplication. Thanks Ms. Jones."

- Latricia Leslie- Parent

"My child is slightly autistic. She knows her times tables because of this DVD!"

- Bobby Vann- Parent

"Kids Multiplication Motivation" CD/DVD Combo- by Ms. Jones & The U.E. Family


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"I found the CD to be engaging and I thought it would be a great way to reach inner city students, as well as, lovers of music... I shared it with other teachers and some students. The students kept coming back to view the DVD. Teachers said that they wanted to purchase also. It is a wonderful addition to any classroom or home."

-  Chris Smith- Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

"I recommend the CD + DVD combination to add another sensory element (visual). The skip counting method is effective for everyone and especially for students who struggle to learn their multiplication tables the traditional way. The music and videos are catchy and well done and won't leave your head once you turn them off."

- Teacher, Tutoring Company Director

"Kids Multiplication Motivation" Songbook- by Ms. Jones


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This songbook contains ALL of the lyrics from the "Kids Multiplication Motivation" CD & DVD by Ms. Jones & The U.E. Family. Help your kids learn the times tables faster by singing along with this book! It also includes pictures from the video!

Table of Contents:

1. “Can You Multiply?”

2. “The Two’s Cheer”

3. “The Three’s Rap”

4. “Come On, Let’s Count by Four”

5. “Counting by Five is All the Way Live”

6. “The Six’s Groove”

7. “Sevens in the House”

8. “Me Feel Great When Me Count by Eight”

9. “The Nine’s Sound Off”

10. “I Can Count by 10, Oh Gee, Oh Gee!”

11. “I’m in Heaven When I’m Counting by Eleven”

12. “I’m Counting by Twelve and I Want to Yell!”

13. “Oh Yes, I Can Multiply!”

"Kids Multiplication Motivation" CD/DVD Combo + Songbook Package


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Save $$$$ by getting the "Kids Multiplication Motivation" CD/DVD Combo and the "Kids Multiplication Motivation" Songbook together!