“Kids Multiplication Motivation” Workshop

- First Graders are multiplying & dividing and Second Graders are doing long multiplication and division using these strategies and songs! 

- Ms. Jones' students tested on the same level as Gifted/Magnet students & were placed into the Gifted/Magnet Program because of their multiplication & division scores from the strategies taught in this workshop!

- This training is interactive, motivational, inspirational, and educational!

- Great for Staff Development, Educational Conferences, & Math Nights!

Classroom Management Workshop

In this fast-paced, informative workshop, Ms. Jones presents a practical approach for preventing and solving classroom discipline problems. Ms. Jones reveals step-by-step instructions to setting up classroom rules and consequences and motivating students to follow them. She also guides educators to planning everyday procedures that will allow the class to run itself like a well-oiled machine. 

*  One to One Mentoring also available  *